Loginwall password. The perfect and unique combination of characters AND timing information!

LoginWall Password
Combining usual password characters with timing information...
Brute force protection
Recognize if a text was typed by human or generated by a computer...
CAPTCHA Replacement
Protecting forms and preventing spam, accessible and invisible solution...

Why LoginWall?

Adding a timing element creates a much more powerful password than you would ever get by adding more and more characters. While character-based passwords of any length can be tested by a brute force hacker at a blazingly fast rate using automated programs, the LoginWall password, with addition of even a single second pause between any two keys, makes a brute force attack irrelevant, since it would take thousands of years to test a reasonable number of passwords that feature a time interval anywhere in the password.

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"Passwords have proved themselves a worthy opponent: all who have attempted to replace them have failed. It is fair to say that little progress has been made in the last 20 years: usability has degraded signi´Čücantly, while security has not improved." (Microsoft, 2011)