LoginWall for WordPress (Beta)

Security against all current password hacking techniques and more....

Who is this plugin for?

For just about anyone who cares about their site's security and doesn't want to get hacked

What is the recommended length of a LoginWall password?

Password should always be as long as you can. With LoginWall password, you can choose a 5 character password with at least one pause.

Is there a minimal number of stops/characters in a LoginWall password?

The minimal number is 2 characters with 1 pause, but we don't recommend to use such short passwords.

Does stops after the last password character count?

No. Only pauses between characters count as a stop

What additional security measures will I get by using LoginWall solution?

Your WP admin account will have very strong password, in addition to brute force protection for all users.

How do you protect your password file?

Your password is safe. We don't save your password in our database, only a hashed key of the password and time element so even if someone hacked into our database your password cannot be retrieved.

What if I forget my LoginWall password?

No problem. You can reset your password. Just click "Lost your password?" on your wordpress login page and you will get an email with instructions on how to generate new LoginWall password.

Can I change the set of shown photos from egg-chick-chicken to another set of photos?

You will have the ability to change the pictures in your dashboard at LoginWall web site very soon.

Can I change the speed in which the photos change?

You will have the ability to change the speed of the pictures in your dashboard at LoginWall web site very soon.

Can I set a LoginWall password just for the admin account or is it possible to set it to all the site users?

Currently, this free version is only for admin accounts. LoginWall will protect all admin users in your site with a LoginWall password. All other users are protected against brute-force attack.